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The largest archaeological discovery in the 21st century so far !!

With this description given by officials at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, as the Ministry announced this morning the unveiling of the Saqqara Cache, and according to the data announced by the Ministry of Antiquities, the Saqqara Cache includes 50 coffins intended for burial in very good condition, and the coffins still retain their bright inscriptions and colors just as if they were made yesterday ..

The discovery came as a result of the excavations of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, which uncovered the burial well in several stages, until the number of coffins in it reached 50, in addition to many archaeological artifacts that represent jewelry, jean furniture and statues of deities.

According to the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the coffins and statues that were found, it was found that the cache dates back to the Late Period, during Dynasty 26, an era of turmoil.

The age of this cache and these coffins is more than 2,500 years. Priests dug this well and used it to bury mummies in order to protect them from tomb robbers and loot them.

This disclosure is one of a series of discoveries made at Saqqara that have not been announced due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and surprisingly, many discoveries that have been made are still waiting to be announced, so the number of these coffins may reach 100 !!


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